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We know that you are concerned about your privacy; so are we. If in connection with a specific or speculative application you provide us with information about yourself, we will process it for recruitment purposes only. Such processing includes considering your suitability for jobs for which you may be qualified or interested, and managing you through to hire or regret. Your data will not be shared or accessed by any party not involved in providing the services outlined to you..

We will hold your personal data whether or not you are offered an interview or employment. You have the right to access your data, and the right to rectify or erase it at any time. If you delete your details, they will be removed from our database, save for a short record that you registered. From time to time, we will ask you to confirm your interest to stay in our database. If you do not reply, your details may be deleted.

You are required to login prior to accessing your details. We use the information you provide to personalise your experience and to deliver content specific to you and suited to your needs. We do not use cookies.